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Basic Troubleshooting and Faqs

I can’t see my product items uploaded from PoS.

Check if the item/s are imported in Product Management first, then check Shopping ca..


Images are not uploading from PoS to website.

Check Octopus if images are shown Product Management or in product details. If images are shown. Make sure items are in the Shopping Cart Module and uploaded or updated to Ecommerce platform. If problem still occurs please contact [email protected]


Product information are not updating in the website.

First, check if product data is updating in Octopus, if product data is in Octopus make sure that data or information is mapped to the correct fields by checking the nap fields section of SCM.


How do I know if Product items are uploaded to the website successfully?

Login to you website backend and check if product items are showing up. You can also check Shopping Cart module if it generates an ID.


How do I know if orders are downloaded to Octopus successfully?

Please refer to page 32.


Is there a way to automate downloading of orders from E-Commerce website to PoS?

Since we don’t have this option in the Channel, contact helpdesk and they will make the adjustments from the backend.


The number of items in PoS does not match the number of items in Octopus.

Some PoS Systems count their Matrix items as one item regardless of the number of variations it has while in Octopus each item are counted as individual items.