Why POS eCommerce Integration is Today’s Necessity?

When you don’t integrate your POS system with eCommerce, it is your customers’ experience that is all at stake. They don’t see accurate item information, will encounter with slow shipping processes, and won’t see correct inventory levels.

When POS and eCommerce processes aren’t tightly integrated, mistakes happen. Shipping labels with wrong addresses may be printed. Overselling happens if inventory isn’t updated automatically. Product information could be incomplete, improper, or lost.

If you do all this manually, takes time. It may take hours-and-hours to ensure all the data is migrated and accurate. This consumes your valuable time from something more important – your shoppers.

Benefits of eCommerce and POS Integration

  • Automatically upload product catalog from POS system to eCommerce
  • Automatically update latest pricing & inventory information
  • Automatically update POS inventory to online marketplaces simultaneously
  • Automatically downloaded web store orders in POS for fulfilment
  • Eliminate duplicate and manual data entry on your website
  • Connect multiple retail outlets with single web store
  • Enable customers to pick-up online orders in store
  • World’s only Omni-Channel solution starts at ‘Zero’ cost

Please reach-out to us for more information at: sales@omnichannelcommerce.biz

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