We currently use Intuit POS and Shopify. We are looking for a full integration solution so the sales receipt will be created in POS and inventory adjusted for each online sale made from Shopify. Please set up a time to discuss


We haven’t built Shopify integration with Intuit POS yet.

But you may look around the following options if something works for you:

Option 1:

Considering our vast experience of building POS integrations, if we develop a new integration with Intuit POS, we will charge $3500 as one-time fee.

On top of that, we charge a monthly fee of $125 + $0.10/Order per Month on going Live.

Regarding solution, we use our cloud-based middleware SaaS platform called ‘Octopus’.

Octopus facilitates two-way integration – uploads inventory from POS to eCommerce stores and downloads web orders into POS system.  The synchronization works automatically through various Schedulers.

Octopus also empowers you to sell on multiple online marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay, Farfetch, SmartEtailing, etc.) simultaneously.

Option 2:

If you have in-house team of Developers, we can share public API of Octopus and setup a Test environment for you.  Using this API, your team can develop the integration between Intuit POS and Octopus platform. Octopus is already integrated with Shopify and other marketplaces.

This option can help you saving $3500.

Option 3:

You may discuss with your POS partner and ask if they would be interested to build the integration with Octopus.

If they decide to develop this integration, it would be beneficial for them. They can offer Intuit POS integration with various shopping carts (MagentoShopifyBigCommerceWoocommerce) and marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay, Farfetch, SmartEtailing, Fancy) in one go.

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