We are currently on RMSify but there are some issues, looking for other options please advise functionality and pricing

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I was wondering if you could explain to me how the integration of RMH to Shopify works. Do you have any videos?
We are currently on Microsoft RMS and are using a program called RMSify to sync our inventory but are looking to upgrade to RMH and need a new program that will do the same things.
We are moving away from Shopify to BigCommerce and currently use RMSify to sync Microsoft RMS with Shopify. We need the same type of integration for Microsoft RMS to Sync with BigCommerce.
Looking to integrate our POS with eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and Webstore. Currently using RMSify.

ANS: –

Be it outdated Microsoft RMS or a new RMH point of sale system, our cloud-based Octopus seamlessly integrates them with any eCommerce shopping cart platform.

The integration works two-ways – uploads RMH inventory into eCommerce and downloads web orders into the POS system.

This two-way integration syncs the data automatically in near real-time.

By the way, RMH and eCommerce integration is not the only thing that Octopus does. It can also connect RMH with multiple shopping carts and online marketplaces simultaneously.

To see a live demo of Octopus, feel free to contact at sales@24sevencommerce.com or call +1 408-643-0097

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