Retail Pro Shopify Integration by Omnichannel Commerce

Omnichannel Commerce integrates your Shopify store with Retail Pro POS via Octopus.

Octopus is a cloud based middleware platform that bridges the gap between the Retail Pro and Shopify based website.

The Retail Pro Shopify integration is a two-way process – uploads Retail Pro inventory to Shopify and downloads Shopify Orders & Customer data into RetailPro.
The bi-directional sync runs automatically.

Following are the fields which are mapped between the two different retailing software:

1. SKU/Item Code/Part Number/ALU/Local UPC
2. Product Name/Title
3. Description
4. Long Description
5. Brand
6. Price (with Tax or without Tax)
7. Styles – Size, Color
8. Quantity
9. Main Product Images
10. Additional images

1. Order number
2. Customer ‘Bill To’ name and address
3. Customer ‘Ship To’ name and address
4. Email and Phone Number
5. Item Code
6. Item Quantity
7. Item Unit Price
8. Total Price
9. Shipping Cost
10. Discount Amount, if any
11. Tax, if any
12. Gross Total

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