Octopus Named as 2018 Rising Star in the Omnichannel eCommerce Software Category by Trusted Platform for Software Reviews

At Octopus, the customer is always king. Building strong client relationships is always our priority, and this is why we are incredibly thrilled to announce that we were named as a Rising Star for 2018. More importantly, the award was given by a reputable review platform, FinancesOnline. Visited by thousands of businesses and organizations worldwide, FinancesOnline delivers comprehensive B2B and SaaS reviews and comparisons to help their audience find the most suitable e-commerce platform solutions for their requirements.

The Rising Star award serves as a testimony to the reliability and effectiveness of Octopus in powering one’s online business. This industry award is given to e-commerce analytics software and other business solutions that have garnered highly favorable feedback from clients and are considered as a trusted brand for solving the challenges users face today. Completing the award is a positive 99% user satisfaction rating gathered by FinancesOnline’s unique Customer Satisfaction Algorithm.

In evaluating the numerous Octopus features designed to unify POS and eCommerce processes, FinancesOnline underscored two of its key benefits. These include unprecedented control over multiple online marketplaces, as well as centralized information of all data with automated data syncing across all channels. As stated by their experts, these functionalities benefit users with a wide reach and coverage while ensuring that all data across your systems have a single version of the truth. Because of Octopus’s robust POS E-commerce integration technology and ease of use, we were also awarded the Premium Usability award for 2018.

Thank you to all our customers for making 2018 a wonderful year for us at Octopus. We will continue to improve our Omnichannel eCommerce solution to simplify your online business this 2019 and beyond.

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