I would like to test your services for our client. we already have products from lightspeed in Woocommerce but the plugin being used isn’t a reliable viable option.


Thank you for reaching out to us.

We can definitely provide you integration between Lightspeed Retail and Woocommerce store.

For such integration, we use our cloud-based middleware SAAS platform, which bridges the gap between a POS system and an eCommerce store.

The middleware facilitates two-way integration – uploads inventory (Title, Descriptions, Stocks, Prices, Styles/Variations, categories, images, etc.) from Lightspeed to Woocommerce and downloads Woo orders (Order #, customer info, ordered items, discount, tax, Invoice Total, etc.) into Lightspeed Retail system.

The synchronization runs automatically.

Regarding price, we charge only $500 as a one-time setup fee.
There is NO monthly subscription fee until you decide to switch to one of the paid plans.

To know more about our services being offered under Free Plan, please visit this page: https://www.omnichannelcommerce.biz/pricing/.

Let me know should you need more information.

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