Hi. This is regarding Lightspeed Retail integration with Woocommerce. My question is, your website says auto sync near real time but the supplier we currently use takes 4 hours, is it faster than that? Thanks.


Our Lightspeed Retail (Cloud) and Woocommerce integration works much faster than your current system. When we say near real-time, we mean that the information updates back-and-forth within 20 minutes.

Basically, we use our cloud-based middleware SAAS platform called – Octopus – that bridges the gap between a POS system and multiple eCommerce stores.

Octopus facilitates two-way integration – uploads inventory from Lightspeed to Woocommerce and downloads Woo orders into Lightspeed. The synchronization runs automatically.

We have many happy customers in your region who are using our integrated solutions. Some of them are here for your reference:

Please let me know should you have more questions or want to see a Live Demo of Octopus.

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