Erply Magento Integration – FAQ



Can several ERPLY categories be mapped to one Magento category?

Yes. Our system supports Many-to-One categories mapping. See screenshot attached.

ERPLY Map Category - Magento


ERPLY Status:

We use different article status in ERPLY. Once an article has the status “Archived”, it should be deactivated in Magento. Is this possible?

Our system “Deletes” all the Erply items except ‘Active’ before sending them to Magento.

In nutshell, only Active items are sent to Magento. As soon an item is marked as ‘Archive’, it is deleted from Magento.


Article names:

Can we overwrite the name of the products in Magento, or do they always come from ERPLY?

Yes. Items once uploaded from Erply can be renamed. They can be renamed either at Octopus or from Magento Admin.


Matrix Products – Variants:

In ERPLY we work with Matrix products. These should be displayed in Magento as variants. Is that possible?

Yes. Our system supports matrix items. One item can have upto three variants.