Erply and Bigcommerce – FAQ

How are products mapped from the cart to the POS? UPC barcode?

We use the ProductID field in Erply. You may use UPC codes or SKU or Part #, etc. but they must match with SKUs in Bigcommerce.

Can we manually map/connect products from the cart to the POS? For example, would we be able to sync existing products in BigCommerce and Erply?

First of all, in our integration process, the inventory is updated from Erply to Bigcommerce, and orders are downloaded from Bigcommerce to Erply.

Secondly, our system picks-up all the active items from Erply, and before sending them to Bigcommerce, first it checks whether the item already exists in Bigcommerce or not. If it exists, only stocks and other information are updated. If it does not exist, the system creates a new item.

Therefore, it is essential to have matching SKUs on both sides. Otherwise, the system may create duplicate items in Bigcommerce.

How well does your service work in terms of syncing inventory? Have there been any errors or issues syncing specifically for BigCommerce and Erply?

Integration is dependent on all software working together. If anyone of them is not working properly, the whole integration falls apart.

Erply and Bigcommerce are two different technologies, but our middleware channel is compatible with both, connecting them together.

By the way, we have over 100 customers using our integrated solutions. These include both Erply and Bigcommerce users also.

We utilize a lot of variants per product; therefore, would Erply inventory of each variant option be synced/mapped to a product in Bigcommerce?

The system uses Parent SKUs to identify all the child items (variants) of a particular group.

Once Parent SKU in Erply is matched with Bigcommerce, the system can update all the variants.

Does your service sync in real-time?

No.  But it syncs in near real-time. Basically, multiple schedulers run in the background, and therefore, the orders may download between 1 to 15 mins.

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